The Chainsaw Juggler

Janne Mustonen

Janne Mustonen The Chainsaw Juggler

Janne Mustonen - moottorisaha-jonglööri

Janne Mustonen is an international level performer who has toured around Europe with his comedy juggling act.

Mustonen´s act combines stand up comedy and juggling with everyday objects like bowling ball, pool triangle and bottle of beer. In the show also audience gets their part. Some members of the audience might find themselves even on the stage and feel the heat of the night!

Mustonen´s signature piece is a routine where he juggles a machette, real axe and a bowling ball while pedaling an unicycle! That´s an unique piece of juggling that only Mustonen masters.

At the end of his energyboosted show he performs the most dangerous juggling act in the world: juggling with three running chainsaws, most dangerous juggling act in the world. This is something one has to see!

About Janne:

Janne Mustonen is the most rewarded and succeeded juggler in Finland. Awards include such prestigious prizes as the Winner of the Finland´s Best Entertainer competition. Mustonen is also Entertainer of the Year (Evento Awards). You may have seen Mustonen also in the Britain´s Got Talent 2018. He also appeared in The Most Dangerous act of BGT 2018.

Mustonen launched is career as a young and talented magician and fire juggler in 1995. Although nowadays Mustonen is best known as Guinnes World Record holder in chainsaw juggling, he also still performs as a magician.

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    Extreme Juggling Show

    Fast-paced and dangerous show and juggling with three running chainsaws!

    Exhilarating Fire show

    Janne Mustonen is organizing a really spectacular and memorable show on fire art!

    Extraordinary Stand up Magic

    The stand up magic show is a combination of magic combined with comic.

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